Hova Networks has developments in several important technological areas such as: Unified Communications,Artificial Intelligence, FTTx Networks, Telemedicine, Biometrics, Functional Programming, Bluetooth Lite and Near Field Communications. Having its corporate office in Mexico City, its software manufacturer in Morelos, and also USA presence; makes Hova Networks S.A.P.I de C.V., a global corporation that strives in providing the most intelligent services and solutions within the technology information market, and telecommunications,facilitating the alignment with our client's business strategy. Hova Networks has four key business units that are focused on exceeding our client's expectations, and satisfy their Communication business needs as well as product Distribution. These business units are closely related amongst each other in that they utilize the same technological principals within their programming platform: Concurrency, Distribution, Scalability, and Fail-proof System. These are Hovup, The Hover, HovoIP and Rackspace.

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